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Once upon a time…

…when shepherds spun their own yarns

…when clothiers and dressmakers lived next door

… when merchant bought all their stuff twice a year to take it to the market in the big town


Those days…


  • Merchants served as a marketplace to make products available
  • Merchants were your logistics services provider
  • They provided financial services to manufacturers and consumers
  • Merchants developed brick & mortar sites to serve as a Meeting Point and Social Networking Platform

These days …


Do brick&mortar sites still serve you as a marketplace?


  • Everything is available 24/7 worldwide in webshops, on your sofa

  • The offer of virtual stores is wider than of any local store as they serve a worldwide audience

  • The World Wide Web made prices more transparent, easier comparable and consequently lower


We do not need brick&mortar stores to make products available!

Is brick&mortar retail still your preferred logistics provider?


  • Free trade agreements have opened the market for central warehousing
  • The global infrastructure allows short lead times even between continents, within Europe a 24-hour service is widely available
  • International players  like Amazon are setting new standards


We do not need brick&mortar retail for logistic purposes!

The role of a financial service provider?


  • Shorter lead times reduce the value chain, hence finance costs
  • Cashless payments reduce administrative efforts
  • Financial services are better provided by specialists


We do not need brick&mortar retail to provide financial services!

Is brick&mortar retail still a meeting point and networking platform?


  • People go to stores to meet like-minded, to share thoughts, and to get advice.
  • People look for news – products, brands, rumours – at brick&mortar sites.
  • People try products and buy services (repair, fittings, etc.) which isn’t available online.
  • People are social beings!


Brick&mortar retail still serves social aspects!

Market place? No! Logistics and financial services? No?

Is this still retail?

What is a state-of-the-art brick&mortar (retail) site for consumers and industry?

A stage for brands and products!

An interface to the local community!

An expert, providing advice!

An influencer, introducing new brands and products!

A „test centre“ – to touch, smell and try a product!

A media – similar to print, TV, online – telling your story, spreading your word!

A Brick’n Mortar Media!


  • a site to introduce your brand to the local community
  • to present your new products you select
  • to host your local events
  • to offer product tests or other services
  • to manage your local customer service (even your e-commerce returns)
  • a media to support an omni-channel approach
  • a media to stimulate and create a business out of its territory
  • a unique opportunity to establish an advantage over mere online players!


We are about to change roles –

we consider you our client!

Is VELETAGE Brick&Mortar Media of any interest to you?


Then let’s talk about cooperation! Let’s create an ecosystem that supports both parties’ needs!

Ride Pretty Fast!


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